Almost there

At this very moment, while writing this, I am beside a stream in Washington fishing for salmon during a “real” weekend. #humblebrag. It wasn’t always like this.

It will be 10 years this fall since I started med-school. But as as all of you know, getting to the beginning started many years before that… and that journey is not easy. This message is for you premeds, grinding away at your courses and MCAT prep; for the medical students feeling overwhelmed with the test schedules; the interns and residents who have yet another sleepless night followed by an unrelenting day: It gets better… But enjoy the journey.

I completed family medicine residency about 3 years ago and life is SO different on this side of the journey. I can’t wait for you all to see it. You know those shows that you watched (prior to medschool) where there was a ridiculously good-looking doctor that finds a rare disease and help change a life? Yup, thats me now! (…well, my mom says I’m good looking). The days are not easy, but they are challenging, exciting, and fulfilling. As a family medicine physician, I get the privilege and honor of working with patients from all walks of life and it’s AWESOME!

This is me about 13 years ago. Night stock boy at Superstore (it’s in Canada and has the best cheese buns). We all have beginnings and this was mine. God had different plans for me than staying there. But the journey from there has seen me become a laborer, computer on- call-help, lab tech, waiter, and volunteer counselor. Looking back, each job and experience shaped me to be the kind of person and doctor I am today. Back then, I never would have thought that I would one day be helping set up a pandemic clinic but here we are today! 

Here’s where I’ll end this. These are my closest friends from med school just after we met in Arizona. Without them and some great program directors and mentors, I truly wouldn’t be here. Yes, the road to becoming a doctor is hard. But people like these make it bearable, exciting, and help lighten the stress. Enjoy the journey, you’re almost there! 

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