The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Here I sit, 12 years after I graduated high school in 2007. Now a bit more than a year away from becoming a fully licensed orthopedic surgeon. I tell people that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is dim and flickering, yet I am not sure whether it is the end of a long grueling road or an oncoming train with more difficulties ahead. The path to becoming a surgeon has been a humbling experience.  With countless sleepless nights, exams, patient encounters, and surgeries it has become clear to me that this is a lifetime process. While many aspire to become physicians and surgeons the road to success is full of obstacles and uncertainty. With this blog myself and young physicians I have met along my path would like to give future doctors encouragement and guidance for the long and rewarding road ahead.

As I sit here, a young professional, I can remember my first experiences in medicine. While you think that this is probably a jaw dropping experience, I have to say that my first memory of “shadowing” as a high school student I showed up in khaki shorts and a polo shirt… I look back at that situation today as I tie my tie and button up my white coat, I can only laugh at how far I have come.  As the years have passed I have had many experiences that have shaped the doctor I am today and I can only hope that my experiences, along with the experiences of the other physicians on this site, can help guide your path to make it even a little smoother.

If you are considering medicine as a future profession, I say go all in. This is one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever undertaken. There will be struggles and there will be failures, but do not let them define you. I assure you that every success along the way gives you a sense of accomplishment that will push you toward your next goal.  We look forward to helping you along your path.